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About me

What are you called?

I’m Uruwi (or kozet), and I program things as well as play games and create languages. Brief history about this site’s name:

I also go by Fluffy8x (Reddit, originally my old Minecraft IGN).

About this site

This site was first created to rant about a certain Touhou character with exactly one wing, and later expanded to other Touhou stuff. It was hosted on GitHub Pages.

Two years later, I started editing the site again, adding content unrelated to Touhou. For instance, I added a page about Wizard101 and documentation for an old conlang. Another page added early in the site’s history was a page listing conlang orthography / romanisation fails.

Some time during that year, I became interested in Arka. Since a few pages starting using hacm as a result, a hacm toggler was added to the site in 2018. Shortly after, the home page was revamped with a fancy animation.

On 4VI2018, the site was moved to GitLab Pages. (The GitHub version is still available here, though very outdated.) Meanwhile, I added more translations to this site, and more recently some stuff about SynthV as well.

On 12I2019, the site was migrated to be generated with nanoc, and the layout got a facelift.

Most of the stuff on this site is dedicated to my hobbies outside programming, though there’s a fair bit of programming involved in making this site. For programming stuff, check my GitLab profile. For politics salt (and conlanging stuff, I guess), check my Twitter account. For FGO videos (and conlanging stuff, I guess), check my YouTube channel.

Note that old pages that don’t reflect the me of now, barring extenuating circumstances, stay here for posterity.

Some more stuff!

Languages: Korean (“natively”, yeah right), English (quasi-natively), Spanish (in middle and high school, but by the end of it, hated it so much that I stopped studying it after that), Japanese (basic), Welsh (basic), Irish (even basicker), Arka (high end of basic); not fluent in any of my own conlangs

Want to learn (if I have more time): Finnish, (moar) Japanese, maybe others

Pronouns: they > he >> she > anything else >> it

Holy wars: VSCode, Firefox, void foo() { and } else { on the same line, int* p, 2-space indents

Identifier preferences: TypeNames, vars_and_functions, constants_too, namespace_names, PREPROCESSOR_MACROS (formerly varsAndFunctions, constantsToo);
for SQL, TableNames, column_names, KEYWORDS

Favourite phoneme: /ɬ/

Favourite Minecraft update: the first update when I played Minecraft – 1.3

big eng should look like N with hook