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Conlang phonologies in SynthV

Recently, I've been playing around with SynthV because it runs on (GNU/)Linux natively. Being the conlang junkie, I've decided to try making it sing in conlangs.

Note about voicebanks

Currently [as of 28XII2018], there are four SynthV voicebanks available: Eleanor Forte (for English), Yamine Renri (for Japanese), Genbu (for Japanese as well) and AiKO (Mandarin Chinese). (AiKO is paid so I can't test how she does with my conlangs. If you do have AiKO, then good luck.)

All languages support phonetic input:

Start the lyrics with a full stop and separate each sound with a space. Phonetic input will be indicated in m aa n ow s p ey s.

Generally, how well a voicebank can emulate the phonology of a given language depends on the sounds available. Phonotactics is usually not an issue – even Japanese voicebanks such as Renri can handle consonant clusters.


Colour Meaning
The sound can be emulated well enough that differences are hardly noticeable.
The sound has a close equivalent in voicebanks of the given language.
Emulation is difficult. Failure to distinguish the phoneme in question from another in the same language warrants this colour or worse.
Nothing close.

General notes


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